"Nick Nace's songs pair well with a good, long drive. Each one moves just at the right speed, poetically painting scenes of all those characters you meet out on the road -- and all those thoughts you think alone behind the wheel. He's not just a songwriter's songwriter, he's a troubadour's troubadour."

- Jaimee Harris


"A writer that deserves the credit for his showmanship and the craft of the songs he makes. I think that they're on par with all the people that we admired and loved that made us songwriters and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Truly one of my favorite songwriters living in this town." 

-Darrin Bradbury

"Nick Nace is bringing his truth to us with his unpretentious delicate delivery. He’s not an act, he’s a singer-songwriter in the traditional sense of what that term means. The songs are lean, without filler and create a lovely and thoughtful world to enter. No tropes, no hand-me-down-lyrics; it is a world of his own making that rings clear as a small town church bell. “The heavenly father was better than none.” Simply beautiful writing for lovers of songs."

-Rod Picott



“I love Nick’s writing style, reminds me of John Prine but with it’s own character also, check him out!”

-Mick flannery


"Spend any time with Nick Nace, and you’ll find an inviting fast friend, easy conversation, and comfortable company. You’ll find the same in his songs."

-Crystal & Pete Damore, Ordinary Elephant

What a great artist what a great record.”

Orange Flag Music

It's darned easy to listen to.”


Great Songwriting.”

Americana Highways

Nace knows heartbreak, and he knows the clarity that comes after. We're better for bearing audience to it.”

For Folks Sake

Nace once again proves he is a storytelling songwriting force to be reckoned with. ”

Music City Mike